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Athens HOPE (Helping Overcome substance use disorder through Prevention and Education) is a community initiative founded in 2017 to aid in the fight against the opioid epidemic.


The task force is committed to providing education and community-building events, advocacy opportunities, support for those providing direct services, and encouraging inclusion and acceptance by reducing stigma surrounding substance use disorder.

WATCH: Inside Ohio's Opioid Epidemic

FIND: Ohio's Regional Helpline, Project DAWN, and more in Community Resources

ATTEND: Learn about events supported by Athens HOPE

2022 Goals

  • Reduce stigma around substance use disorders  

  • Be responsive to community-identified education needs 

  • Support helping professionals, agencies, and community volunteers in their work around substance misuse

  • Promote advocacy issues pertinent to substance misuse 

  • Educate the community to address social determinants of health often associated with substance use disorder


Want to know more about Athens HOPE? Visit the About page for its mission statement, sub committees, a listing of current partners, and its collection of news links to stories highlighting the opioid crisis.